Deep Space 8K developed and implemented for Mexican Sinalo Science Center:

Ars Electronica Solutions Wins Austrian Export Award in Gold

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(Vienna / Linz, February 12, 2021) Breathtaking images from inside the human body, interactive flights through the universe in 3D, and gigapixel images of masterpieces by famous painters that reveal every last detail: With its large-scale wall and floor projections and 8K resolution, the Linz based Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space 8K has been a crowd puller for years. For its implementation of another Deep Space 8K, the so-called Cubo Negro, at the Sinalo Science Center in Mexico, Ars Electronica Solutions was awarded the prestigious Austrian Export Prize in Gold the category tourism and leisure industry last night. “This award is a great honor and pleasure. It confirms our understanding and our claim to focus not on technology but always on people. As an innovative and collective experience platform, the Cubo Negro expresses exactly that,” said a delighted Michael Mondria, Senior Director Ars Electronica Solutions about the Austrian Export Award. “Congratulations to the Ars Electronica Solutions team on winning GOLD at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Export Award! This award once again demonstrates the global appeal of Ars Electronica Linz and its commitment far beyond our national borders. With the development and implementation of a Deep Space 8K for Mexico’s Sinalo Science Center, they’re proving that they’re our international flagship for media art and digitization, and not just because of this project,” says Culture and Tourism City Councilor and Chairwoman of Ars Electronica Linz GmbH & Co KG Doris Lang-Mayerhofer.

Cubo Negro at the Sinaloa Science Center
The Cubo Negro (black cube) installed by Ars Electronica Solutions is the center and highlight of the Sinalo Science Center in Culiacan, Mexico. Opened on January 27, 2020, it is the world’s second Deep Space 8K after its somewhat larger counterpart at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz. The multidimensional, interactive presentation and experience space enables 13-by-7.7-meter wall and floor projections in 8K. Eight 4K high-performance projectors provide a maximum total resolution of over 50 million pixels. Great attention was paid during the implementation to compatibility with Deep Space 8K in Linz to enable the exchange of programs related to cultural heritage, media art or astronomy. The installation of the Cubo Negro presented the Ars Electronica Solutions team with enormous logistical, legal, technical and artistic challenges, but at the same time, as a “proof of concept,” it also meant an international market opening for Deep Space 8K. Negotiations are currently underway for contracts for additional offshoots in the USA (Chicago), the UK (Cardiff, Brighton), China and South Korea.

Ars Electronica Solutions
Ars Electronica Solutions creates creative, customized solutions of interactive products and services for exhibitions, brandlands, trade shows, events and in the field of urban development. These products and services primarily serve to convey and visualize information, are adapted to individual customer needs and are used in a variety of ways across all sectors.

The Austrian Export Award

Yesterday, for the 26th time, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce honored domestic companies for their extraordinary commitment abroad with the Austrian Export Award. The winners in the six main categories Trade & Crafts, Commerce, Industry, Information & Consulting, Tourism & Leisure Industry and Transport & Traffic were selected by a top-class jury chaired by WKÖ President Harald Mahrer. The prizes in the individual categories were awarded in gold, silver and bronze respectively. In addition to successful sales and export figures, the awards also recognize projects with particularly interesting export stories.
Cubo Negro / Photo credit: Oliver Elias / Print version
Cubo Negro / Photo credit: Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa / Print version
Cubo Negro / Photo credit: Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa / Print version
Cubo Negro / Photo credit: Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa / Print version
A team of the Ars Electronica Solutions at the Cubo Negro / Photo credit: Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa / Print version