DEEP SPACE by ARS ELECTRONICA is an immersive space with a soul, created to provide unique experiences:​ A 16-by-9-meter wall projection, an equally large floor projection, laser tracking and 3D animations make the Deep Space something very special. Here, image worlds are projected in 4K or 8K resolution and raised to a completely new, unprecedented level.

It offers a communal and interactive atmosphere where visitors can freely engage with the content, whether sitting, laying down, or moving around. This versatile space transforms lectures, events, and much more into unique and immersive experiences. With unmatched visual and acoustic resolution, it can adapt to various venues, making it a customizable and unparalleled solution for unforgettable encounters. The incorporation of a varietyof media formats completes the presentation thoroughly, adding to the uniqueness and richness of the visitor’s experience. It is an immersive space with a soul, created to provide unique experiences.

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DEEP SPACE by ARS ELECTRONICA includes wall and floor projection in 8K each, eight 4K projectors @120 HZ each, 3D frame – sequential, modular multichannel audio System, laser tracking system for audience interaction, modular custom lightening infrastructure, customized computer infrastructure, mobile interface for presenters, proprietary content management and exhibition control system.


DEEP SPACE by ARS ELECTRONICA opens numerous possibilities. Due to the incredible visual and auditory resolution, screenings of any content are possible and will make your presentation, event or workshop an unique experience.


Variety comes not only from a wide range of topics, but also from the different formats that contribute to a multi- faceted presentation. Some stand best on their own, others need more narration and guidance from the facilitator or even audience participation. An all-round presentation combines all formats, not only to provide an entertaining experience, but also to show the technical developments and possibilities.


The basic framework provided by DEEP SPACE by ARS ELECTRONICA allows artists, developers or creative to develop their own custom application. The design of the application uses wall and floor as big as canvases in which the application can run. Interaction is possible through the basic interfaces (controller, laser scanner) and can be extended through new ones. A simple software development kit (SDK) helps to create own experiences without any limitation.

The Deep Space environment is a customized solution that can be implemented in various venues. Whether as an exhibition space for artworks in a museum, a multifunctional foyer in a hotel, or an event space for various occasions, the possibilities are diverse and limitless.