Acoustic memory

in the music school Linz

The classic memory game with a difference: In the future, children will be able to train their musical memory in the Prunerstift by finding pairs of sounds. From now on interested parties can also find out about events and highlights at the music school with the help of an announcement screen.

In order to shorten the time children have to wait for their lessons, an “acoustic memory” is now available in the foyer, which not only promotes playful access to sounds, but is also an educational, interactive game that trains hearing and memory. On the initiative of Director Denkmaier, it was realized in collaboration with Thomas Ecker, who conceived the interactive game, and Ars Electronica Solutions.
In eight different thematic sound sets, the “Acoustic Memory” can be used to learn musical contexts. Depending on the selection of a set there is a degree of difficulty, so there is something for everyone. 16 illuminated keys are backed by eight sound pairs. Following the principle of the classic children’s game, the task now is to find the appropriate acoustic counterparts. In addition, the teachers of the music school can create new sound sets together with the children and thus provide variety and new challenges.
Team Solutions:Stefan Dorn, Stepha Farkashazy, Yvonne Hauser, My Trinh Müller-Gardiner, Fadil Kujundžić,
Michael Mondria, Andreas Pramböck, Markus Wipplinger

Thomas Ecker, Garamantis, Corinna Hiemer,
Peak Impact, Florian Cossee,
Musikschule der Stadt Linz: Rainer Nova, Eva Krenn, Mag. Christian Denkmaier

Foto Credits:
Ars Electronica/Stepha Farkashazy, Ars Electronica/My Trinh Müller-Gardiner