Opening Show in world’s most advanced special steel plant

Founded in 1870 as a distributor of the former hammer mill in Kapfenberg, voestalpine Edelstahlwerk BÖHLER opened its most modern production facility in the world on October 18, 2023. Ars Electronica Solutions staged the brilliant opening event with a custom-developed show concept that included a factory hall staging, a variety of visualizations and an atmospheric sound design – and gave 600 opening guests an understanding of BÖHLER Kapfenberg’s corporate history.

In addition to effectively used stage technology (Thomas Hödlmoser), impressive VVVV visuals (Bildwerk), a dancing industrial robot (Creative Robotics) and a top-class live music ensemble (Rupert Huber, Lena Fankhauser, Maria Petrova, Lukas Aichinger), company employees performed and thus breathed authentic life into the event.

The integration of the BÖHLER Kapfenberg works band was also a key design element of the opening show. Composer Rupert Huber used the band’s repertoire to develop a musical journey through time that took visitors through the stages of the company’s development. Ars Electronica Solutions thus involved the community at the site and used contemporary media art to create a stylish whole.

Foto Credits:
Isa Schölmbauer / Ars Electronica Solutions
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