Gösser – Brewery Museum: redesign 2014

Interactive exhibits at the brewery museum

With the re-designed exhibition space at the Gösser brewery museum, Ars Electronica Solutions created a new highlight for the museum’s visitors from all over the world. While some exhibits were already slightly re-designed in 2013, Ars Electronica Solutions developed several interactive installations for the museum’s upper level, which convey the history of Gösser as well as a responsible consumption of alcohol. Via gesture control, visitors navigate through an interactive timeline. The vistors’ gestures are recognized through laser tracking, and the information (e.g. animations and videos) is displayed on the interactive wall. Other exhibits include the “scratch picture” – a screen that allows visitors to see the past – and an interactive quiz table that invites visitors to test their knowledge of the topic of beer.

The Ars Electronica Blog features an interview with project manager Claus Zweythurm.

Client: Gösser

Project Credits: Stefan Dorn, My Trinh Gardiner, Petros Kataras, Benjamin Mayr, Kathrin A. Meyer, Benjamin Olsen, Dietmar Peter, Andreas Pramböck, Gerald Priewasser, Roland Reiter, Gerald Sixt, Markus Wipplinger, Lars Witez, Claus Zweythurm

Foto Credits: My Trinh Gardiner, Markus Wipplinger