Federation of Austrian Industry Upper Austria

Further development GEOPULSE

As early as 2017, Ars Electronica Solutions developed an interactive installation on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the IV Upper Austria to illustrate the most important topics of the Upper Austrian economy.
(IV Project 2017)

The installation is used, among other things, to convey Upper Austrian industry and its map to pupils and young people.

The following topics can be explored interactively using the story mode:
Globalisation and export,
Innovation through investment,
New technologies,
Environment and resources,

This works on an interactive globe that displays selected companies in the Upper Austrian industrial landscape and provides geographical connections, statistical data and various media such as text, graphics, film and animation.

After the initial development, a further development of the installation was planned and now implemented in constant exchange with the customer.

Through the implementation of a generic company matrix, selected companies from the Upper Austrian industrial landscape are now displayed and can be filtered by topic or region.

Team: Ina Badics, Stefan Dorn, My Trinh Müller-Gardiner

Extern: Marcus Dittebrand (Garamantis)

Picture Credits: AES