LINZ AG Sunflowers

Interactive installation in Freistadt

The LINZ AG Sunflowers in Freistadt bring the generation of electricity from solar energy closer to the people. Through light visualizations and the possibility of interacting with the Solar Sunflowers, visitors experience this closeness at first hand. Just as the weather conditions (from cloudy to sunny) affect the Solar Sunflowers’ power production – and, consequently, the emitted light – the visitors can interact with the installation on site as well as via the internet and influence the light emitted by the Solar Sunflowers. Both factors result in a new combination of unpredictable nuances of color and rhythm, reflecting the atmosphere created by people and the sun. The Solar Sunflowers will be new and different every day.

The LINZ AG Sunflowers are an art project by sculptor Konrad Feichtinger, realized in cooperation with Metalltechnik J. Deubler, electric engineering gmbh, ertex solar and Ars Electronica Solutions.

Ars Electronica Solutions is responsible for the conceptualization and realization of the lighting atmosphere and the interaction.

Contracting entity: LINZ AG
Project Credits: Maria Eschlböck, My Trinh Gardiner, Christoph Hofbauer, Wolfgang König, Fadil Kujundžić, Ali Nikrang, Andreas Pramböck
Foto Credits: Andreas Pramböck, Martin Pröll