Swarovski – Voyage of Discovery

Interactive presentation tool

VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY is an interactive presentation tool the Ars Electronica Futurelab developed as a means of staging an inspiring encounter with the Swarovski brand. VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY is being used in conjunction with Swarovski’s WELCOME EXPERIENCEs that are part of the orientation of new staff members.
VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY is a walk-through immersive space in which the barriers separating physical and virtual reality dissolve. Walls, table, book—they all blend into a single interactive surface.
The room-size installation consists of an interactive table and eight wall projections. The table and walls have been set up with a practically invisible code that was developed by the Swedish company Anoto and can be “read” by means of a special digital pen. Thus, every spatial element becomes an interactive surface that provides access to the enchanting world of Swarovski and makes it possible to move the virtual content among the objects.
The use of Anoto technology allows for an extensive and highly precise distribution of content throughout the room and thereby makes possible an extraordinary spatial experience as well as effective interaction & information design.

Client: Swarovski
Project Credits: Any:time, Shervin Afsharazad, Florian Berger, Bernhard Böhm, Christian Bruckmayr, Cecile Bucher, Stefan Eibelwimmer, Stefan Fuchs, My Trinh Gardiner, Yvonne Hauser, Stefan Hehr, Peter Holzkorn, Horst Hörtner, Andreas Jalsovec, Martina Karrer, Christoph Kremer, Benjamin Mayr, Michael Mayr, Kathrin Meyer, Kristefan Minski, Harald Moser, Nicolas Naveau, Ali Nikrang, Dietmar Peter, Andreas Pramböck, Gerald Priewasser, Erwin Reitböck, David Stolarsky, Markus Wipplinger
Foto Credits: Norbert Artner