Is another world possible? AI against the grain

Sarah Ciston


What do generative AI (GenAI) systems “know” about difference? What do they use to make inferences, and how do those inferences become de facto knowledge? What other kinds of knowledge are left out as they (re)encode existing assumptions?

In this theory-practice workshop, we will investigate the theoretical and technical underpinnings of GenAI systems by exploring the data that construct them. We will explore how commercially available tools for engaging GenAI systems ask us to use them — and how we might move against the grain. Together we will develop some multimodal, polyvalent techniques for resisting and expanding the possibilities for GenAI systems, their outputs, and their goals. We will share our findings in a blend of analog and digital forms, including zine-making and interactive public practice. Our artistic experiments will ultimately ask: What world do we want to generate with (and without) generative technologies? 

August 26, 2023, 14:30 – 17:00
August 28, 2023, 14:00 – 17:00
POSTCITY, Curie space

hosted by Sarah Ciston