A.I. Grotto / Zhang Ziyi (CN), Nur Haidah (SG), Photo: Ziyi Zhang, Nur Haidah Arip

A.I. Grotto

Zhang Ziyi (CN), Nur Haidah (SG)

A.I. Grotto examines the relationship between AI-generated art, craftsman spirit, and ancient heritage sites. It seeks to initiate a dialog with the public, contemplating the coexistence of AI and the craftsman spirit in the future. Inspired by Dunhuang Cave Murals which have a history spanning thousands of years, AI-generated models learn and transforms contemporary news and photographs into the Dunhuang style, blending ancient art with modern content in a modernized documentation approach.

Zhang Ziyi (CN)

Zhang Ziyi is a new media artist exploring art, technology and culture. With cross-disciplinary collaborations, her artistic research includes AI in art, real-time rendering, immersive interactive media, and heritage. Her diverse background in interactive media and arts and culture management shaped her unique artistic vision.

Nur Haidah (SG)

Nur Haidah is a talented multidisciplinary artist currently completing her BFA in Design at ADM NTU. With her expertise in interactive media and visual communication, she skillfully crafts captivating narratives and contextualizes her projects in innovative ways.