Photo: Rajvi Bhandari

AI Judges: The Future of Fairness

Rajvi Bhandari (IN)

This speculative art installation explores the integration of artificial intelligence in judicial proceedings and raises questions about potential biases and ethical considerations of using algorithms to make decisions. The dialogical nature of this piece aims to encourage reflection on the role of technology in shaping society and values, and the tension between unbiased judgement and human subjectivity. The installation offers an opportunity to reflect on the challenges of achieving unbiased judgement and the role of technology in addressing this issue.

Rajvi Bhandari

Rajvi Bhandari is a London-based artist, designer and researcher who creates thought-provoking work that challenges audiences to reflect on the ethical and socioeconomic implications of technology on society. Drawing from her diverse cultural experiences and background in communication and experience design she creates works that offer her audience a fresh and compelling perspective on the world around us.