APEIRON / Robert B. Lisek (PL/NL), Oleksandr Sirous (UA), Photo: APEIRON 2023


Robert B. Lisek (PL/NL), Oleksandr Sirous (UA)

APEIRON creates a transparent application that analyses the ways in which we work with information. By using an independent application that is transparent, self-regulating and powered by AI technologies, individuals can regain control of their digital identities and reduce the influence of corporations. This approach is offering individuals alternative ways to manage and protect data. The users are represented as biological cells, while the concepts flow as viruses.

Robert B. Lisek (PL/NL)

Robert B. Lisek is an artist, mathematician and composer who focuses on networks and processes.

Oleksandr Sirous (UA)

Oleksandr Sirous is a Ukrainian new media artist. He works with big data sets and the principles of interaction and communication in the web environment