Biobots / Aurélien Pellegrini (CH), Bastien Claessens (CH), Photo: ECAL / Jimmy Rachez


Aurélien Pellegrini (CH), Bastien Claessens (CH)

Biobots criticizes the policy of large multinationals that collect and trade personal data through smartphones that relate to their customers’ health. Selling this information to some institutions would have serious consequences.

For example, a health insurance company could deny a claim to a person who, based on his or her personal data, might be deemed not to be working on their fitness sufficiently. By simulating the activity of a perfectly healthy individual, Biobots presents itself as a collection of objects of resistance to this collection of personal information.

Aurélien Pellegrini (CH), Bastien Claessens (CH)

Aurélien Pellegrini and Bastien Claessens are graduates of Bachelor Media & Interaction Design at ECAL/University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland. This bachelor’s degree focuses on the relationship between technology and design, mainly in a prospective way, using advanced technologies applied to the field of design.