BUG / Lea Luka Sikau (DE), Denisa Půbalová (NL), Antje Jacobs (BE), Photo: BUG 2023


Lea Luka Sikau (DE), Denisa Půbalová (NL), Antje Jacobs (BE)

Asking who or what determines our perception of an animal, BUG investigates how we look at insects. Biosurveillance has become more popular over the past decade(s) and bug fights have turned into a source of entertainment. Gazing into the telescope of BUG, you become a voyeur of a vibrant ecosystem living in canalization networks. While you observe, waiting to be entertained and discovering new truths about this underground universe, BUG peers back at you through insect eyes.

Lea Luka Sikau (DE)

Artist-Researcher Lea Luka Sikau focuses on the rehearsal in her PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Denisa Půbalová (NL)

Denisa Půbalová is an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of art and science, particularly on ecologies of relations.

Antje Jacobs (BE)

Antje Jacobs is a PhD candidate at KU Leuven and UMelbourne, bridging the arts, social sciences, and technology.