ChoreoDrops / Yoshimori Yoshikawa (JP), Eiji Iwase (JP), Yasuaki Kakehi (JP), photo:


Yoshimori Yoshikawa (JP), Eiji Iwase (JP), Yasuaki Kakehi (JP)

ChoreoDrops is an installation artwork where water droplets move freely on graphical patterns drawn on paper. The artist and scientist team has developed a novel technology that enables us to control the movement of liquid droplets using printed electrodes arranged at intervals on the paper. The choreography of the water droplets is not only controlled by digital devices but also intertwined with the materiality of water, creating a dynamic interplay between precision and randomness, as if the droplets possess a certain agency in their movement.

Yoshimori Yoshikawa (JP)

Yoshimori Yoshikawa, a member of xlab and a specially appointed associate professor at Kyoto Seika University, creates physical interactive content and physical installations.

Eiji Iwase (JP)

Eiji Iwase is a micro-engineering researcher and professor at Waseda University. His research interests are flexible devices, micro-optical devices, and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS).

Yasuaki Kakehi (JP)

Yasuaki Kakehi is a media artist, HCI researcher and professor at The University of Tokyo. By combining digital technology and physical materials he has created installation works that show alternative ways of experiencing environments and objects.