ConstellationXR / William T. Ayton (GB), Photo: William T. Ayton


William T. Ayton (GB)

Towards Planetary Healing

Ayton’s ConstellationXR wraps Earth with networked nodes of digital public art. Each installation features an iconic tower and orbiting spheres of XR assets to inspire insight, navigate pathways and unveil patterns of conductivity portals encircling the globe as a vehicle for planetary healing.

William T. Ayton (GB)

William T. Ayton (GB), a NY-based visual artist, is Artist-in-Residence at Meteor Studio, ASU, and 3D Digital Art lecturer at Herberger Institute for Design and Art. Following his degree in Drawing & Painting (Fine Arts) from Edinburgh College of Art, his work has been exhibited internationally at the UN (NYC & Geneva), Ars Electronica Festival (Linz), Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem), National Arts Centre (Ottawa), Peace Palace (The Hague) and the U.S. Senate Rotunda (DC), amongst others.