Photo: Han Bao

Cybernetic Resonance

Han Bao (CN)

Uncharted Human-Machine Duet

This installation embodies a revolutionary approach to music creation, converging human input, artificial intelligence and automated guitar performance. Hummed melodies from participants are metamorphosed into intricate guitar compositions. This fusion instigates a fresh musical paradigm, presenting an uncharted territory for both seasoned musicians and novices to explore, challenging the conventional norms and inspiring a world of new possibilities in the realm of music creation.

Han Bao

As an installation artist, I explore human interaction with novelty, probing into the future possibilities of technology. My spirit is deeply rooted in innovation, viewing technology as a catalyst unlocking art’s boundless potential. Create, not reminisce; improve, not doubt; resolutely venture into the unknown, rather than lamenting with unwarranted skepticism.