Deviation Game / Tomo Kihara (JP), Playfool (UK), @POSTCITY Photo:

Deviation Game

Tomo Kihara (JP), Playfool (UK)

A game in which you must draw things in a way humans can understand but an AI can’t.

Deviation Game addresses AI’s increasing ability to imitate human acts of expression and questions how we can use AI to deviate and expand our creativity. Building on Alan Turing’s Imitation Game, we propose a new game where players must draw prompts in a way that only humans can understand, but AI cannot. Through this game, we propose to use AI as a way not to imitate past expressions but to identify what has already been expressed, allowing us to explore unseen forms of creativity.

Tomo Kihara (JP)

Tomo Kihara is an artist who develops experimental games and interventions that draw out unexplored questions from people through play.

Playfool is an artist duo, made by Daniel Coppen (UK) and Saki Maruyama (JP), that creates playful experiments to explore the interplay between humans and technology.