Divergences / Federica Sasso (IT), Luca Pagan (IT), Photo: vog.photo


Federica Sasso (IT), Luca Pagan (IT)

DIVERGENCES is a collaborative research venture by the mixed-media artist Federica Sasso and the sound artist Luca Pagan, in collaboration with the Rehab Technologies Lab at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genova, Italy, and INAIL. Through the use of video, VR, biosensors, wearable tech and sound, the artists explore the interaction between the virtual and physical realms, delving into the perception of the human body within a surrounding environment. Their work questions the contemporary relationship between body, sound stimuli and new realities aiming to grasp insights on embodiment and aptical feelings. They guide us through a suspensed universe that unfolds the unconscious and brain reactions making us question: “Would I react in the same way?”.

Federica Sasso (IT)

Luca Pagan is a sound artist, performer and independent researcher focusing on the correlation between humans and emerging technologies.

Luca Pagan (IT)

Federica Sasso is a mixed-media visual artist working with photography, video, AI and VR. Her work examines human body perception, the virtual-real interplay and the impact of technology on contemporary life.