Electric Calligraphy / Lana Abou Selo, Fatima Abbas, Levi Hammett , Photo: Raviv Cohen

Electric Calligraphy

Lana Abou Selo (US), Fatima Abbas (SD), Levi Hammett (US)

Electric Calligraphy is a series of Arabic typeface designs that re-examine the evolutionary path of the Arabic script within the Latin-based technological constraints, adding new perspectives to the discourse of contemporary type design. The names of Allah are often displayed in intricate calligraphy to reflect the beauty of their meaning. Displaying them through calligraphy that is guided by light, constructed with segments and modules, brings a new way to honor them in contemporary times.


xLab is a research and development entity at VCUarts Qatar that aims to create tools and artifacts that converge art, design, and sciences through technology, computation and craft – collaborating with students, faculty, artists and software designers. Its founding members are Levi Hammett, Mohammad Suleiman, Haithem El-Hammali and Hind Al Saad.