Immersive Collection / MUTEK (CA), Photo: Markus Heckmann, France Jobin


France Jobin (CA), Markus Heckmann (CA/DE)

Entanglement distills quantum physics into a swooping sensorial experience. It illustrates the concept of entanglement, an uncanny scientific phenomenon-defying explanation. The piece oscillates between four theories: the fluidity of time, multiverse, Copenhagen interpretation and decoherence. These complex notions are filtered into audiovisual radiant tableaus guided by science, technology and the sensitivity needed to illustrate what cannot be visualized.

Part of MUTEK’s immersive Collection


Producer: MUTEK
Idea: France Jobin & Markus Heckmann
MUTEK Immersive Collection
Producer: Katharina Meissner
Production Manager: Lola Baraldi
Curator: Alain Mongeau
Visual Identity: Tamara Manny D’Astous
Communications: Lola Baraldi, Thomas Giboudeaux, Grégoire Chevro

France Jobin (CA)

France Jobin is a Canadian audio and installation artist, as well as composer and curator.

Markus Heckmann (CA/DE)

Markus Heckmann is a German visual artist and Technical Director at Derivative, the maker of TouchDesigner.