I AM TRULY BECOMING A SPECTER / Martin Müller (DE), Photo: Giorgos Triantafyllidis


Martin Müller (DE)

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Monoliths rigidly force us into an outside perspective and guard the secrets that lurk within. Unable to experience what it is to dwell within solidity, we invent spirits that do it for us. Rocks, however, linger motionless as life passes by.

The performance draws on Jacques Derrida, using linguistic monsters to address the monstrosities we assume to reside in a rock. It is an invitation to enter the realm between subject and object and thereby, as Roland Barthes attests, truly become specters.

SAT 9.9. 10:00 – 14:00POSTCITY, Campus | Performance
SUN 10.9. 14:00 – 18:00POSTCITY, Campus | Performance

Martin Müller (DE)

Martin Müller (he/him) oscillates between performance, media and textile art. He worked as a tailor in Berlin, studied Applied Theater Studies in Giessen and currently studies Media Arts in Weimar.

His works are exploring critical approaches to narration between language and materiality, feedback loops, body representation and modes of sexuality in cyberspace.