Fragments: The Shape of Things / ALMA / Marc-André Cossette (CA), Alexandre Saunier (FR) – Hexagram Network, Photo showing (left to right): Marc-André Cossette, Alexandre Saunier (artists) Photo: Markus Schneeberger

Fragments: The Shape of Things

Marc-André Cossette (CA), Alexandre Saunier (FR)-ALMA

Fragments is an audiovisual performance that explores how automated data processing systems aestheticize human relations and global conflicts. Audiovisual fragments extracted from the news are transformed with electronic instruments, video game engines, photogrammetry and sophisticated AI and A-Life techniques. News images are mystified through technological processes, recalling the digital mediatization that separates our bodies and the realities of others.


ALMA mixes cutting-edge AI & A-Life algorithms with drum machines, synthesizers, acoustic instruments, photogrammetry, procedural graphics, motion capture and video game engines to invoke memories of inaccessible places, the sensations of the material world and the feeling of being together. The duo consists of Marc-André Cossette, currently Hexagram Network doctoral student member at Concordia University, and Alexandre Saunier, former student member, having completed a PhD in 2022 likewise from Concordia University.