HASHDOX [PROOF OF WAR] / Egor Kraft (RU), Photo: Egor Kraft


Egor Kraft (RU)

Hashdox is a tactical software, designed to combat disinformation by enabling instant and spoof-proof on-chain evidence capture and forensics tools through registration of metadata and content hashing. Proof of War showcases a 3D model of the remnants of a house in the infamous city of Bucha, Ukraine. The images used to produce the 3D scan are captured via the hashdox app on mobile and drone operated cameras. They will remain forever uncorrupted, uncensored and dated, creating a memorial to the atrocities of war crimes.


Collaborators: Marios Isaakidis, Artem Konevskikh

Egor Kraft (RU)

Egor Kraft is an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of arts, media, technology, film and research. He is currently also teaching at Kunstuniversität Linz. Egor has received the New Technological Art Award (2022), as well as numerous other nominations. Hashdox was selected as an Honorary Mention for the STARTS Prize 2023.