Khazar Archeological Confabulations, 2023 / Nimrod Astarhan (US/IL), Photo: Nimrod Astarhan

Khazar Archeological Confabulations, 2023

Nimrod Astarhan (US/IL)

PC, AI algorithm, speculative archeology object database, cyanotype on paper

Khazar Archeological Confabulations employs machine learning to craft speculative archeological images tied to the artist’s heritage. Using a database of artifacts from a sought-after archeological excavation of the lost Khazar capital, the system generates a vocabulary of mean images of object drawings in real-time. Select drawings are turned into Cyanotypes exposed to natural light, reflecting Khazar Tenegrist myths of the titular sky god and the eternal blue sky.

Nimrod Astarhan (US/IL)

Nimrod Astarhan is an artist, technologist, and educator. He exhibited and initiated group projects in Europe, the US, and the International Space Station and worked on commissioned projects for museums, international festivals, and biennales. In 2023, his work was a part of the Gwangju Biennale Pavilion Project.