Photo: Chun-Huang Lin, Chi-Hung Huang

Leashing the Socket

Chun-Huang (TW), Chi-Hung Huang (TW)

Sockets, nodes of the power grid, both shape our lives and create hidden constraints on our lives. Leashing the Socket aims to challenge the framework of civilization by promoting the autonomy of entities. By swapping the roles of „supply“ and „demand“ in electricity, it binds humans and non-humans together through the power cord, fostering autonomy and challenging established networks. This prompts us to question who is actually in control.

Chun-Huang (TW)

Chun-Huang seeks artistic possibilities through the technical, specializing in interactive installations, net art and exploring society-technology relationships.

Chi-Hung Huang (TW)

Chi-Hung Huang explores various media in physical and virtual forms. She uses art as a communication language to observe social phenomena.