Love Vibes / Daniel González Franco (CO), Cathline Smoos (FR), Photo: ESPRONCEDA

Love Vibes

Daniel González Franco (CO), Cathline Smoos (FR)

A Journey of Dance, Unity and Connection

Love Vibes combines VR, dance and truth. It reacts to live music, immersing participants dynamically. Diverse visuals sync with music type, beats and genre, offering a unique experience of empathy and connection. Ideal for parties and festivals, promoting love. Inclusive with Oculus Quest 2 and passthrough. Color filters and particles create a psychedelic environment, celebrating human expression. Love Vibes fosters freedom and connection, exploring truth, perception and empathy in an inclusive world rooted in love.

Daniel González Franco (CO)

Daniel González Franco. is an interdisciplinary researcher, artist, and entrepreneur. As an electronic art explorer and interaction designer, he is passionate about virtual reality, telepresence and social innovation. His focus is on designing immersive experiences that foster empathy and human connection through the magic of human presence and emotion.

Cathline Smoos (FR)

Cathline Smoos. Love-Tech Artist. Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology of Intercultural Health. Professional Training in Applied Clinical Psychosexology (FPSA).