Communicating Mobile Phones / Georg Volkert (DE), Photo: Georg Volkert

Program in Electroacoustic and Experimental Music (ELAK)

mdw University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (AT)

Beyond the surface

Sound is immediately related to vibrating surfaces – one thinks of musical instruments and loudspeakers.
The room installation Beyond the surface unites works that were created in this academic year –varying, abstracting, virtualizing the connection between visible surface and inherent sound. The surfaces are multiform: soft, hard, structured, smooth, vibrating, resting.

Some convey the sound physically and directly; some conquer the acoustic space; some hold back and give vague hints – a loudspeaker vs. a soft speaker vs. a fake speaker vs. a listener.

  • Auditory Pulse Imprint X

    Auditory Pulse Imprint X

    Jonas Hammerer (DE)

    A concentric multichannel loudspeaker system is located in the center of the room. Algorithmically generated sounds are projected into the room, to investigate the reflection behavior. The alternation between pulsating sounds, which provide a high degree of directional information, and standing sinusoidal sounds.

  • Communicating Mobile Phones

    Communicating Mobile Phones

    Georg Volkert (DE)

    The present installation (attached to the ceiling with threads) inverts the modern digital evolution by forcing the mobile phones to communicate in an old-fashioned human way – that is, by means of sound waves rather than by electromagnetic waves.

  • Constructing Resonance

    Constructing Resonance

    Kasho Chualan (CA)

    This sculpture is an architectural instrument – a piece of steel found at a construction site. During the process, other materials were scavenged such as piano screws and piano strings. It is constructed using the same material as the resonant body (steel).

  • Listening / Meidling

    Listening / Meidling

    Nina Jukić (HR)

    Binaural microphones placed in my ears record sound for as long as the camera simultaneously captures light. On the resulting printed photographs one sees me only from the back, sitting in different locations of my neighborhood, listening to the city. Due to the long exposure, moving people and vehicles have disappeared from the images.

  • Schwarzer Ballen

    Schwarzer Ballen

    Anatol Wetzer (AT)

    In Schwarzer Ballen, a sewing machine interprets the seams of the cut-up fabric in two ways. In a two-dimensional way, when it is sewing straight lines and in a three-dimensional way when it is sewing imaginary lines in space. The fabric is crumpled up and therefore just shows the three-dimensional result.



    Pit Franzen (LU)

    SHEETS is an assembly of up to 12 steel sheets, sound transducers and microphones, which can individually be controlled by an interface. In this way, with a computer being the interface, Sheets can be played as an instrument or serve as a multichannel speaker setup for performances or sound installations.

  • Sonic Chroma

    Sonic Chroma

    Moritz Seidel (AT)

    An interactive sound installation where loudspeakers beneath a canvas send pulses, causing vibrations which stir paint in different directions. Visitors control pulse locations via touchscreen. This blurs the line of artistic ownership. Who truly creates the resulting image: the creator of the installation or the visitor?


Supervision: Angélica Castelló, Veronika Mayer, Wolfgang Musil, Thomas Grill