Photo: Marcela Antipan Olate

How to Measure a Planet

Marcela Antipan Olate (CL)

Is it possible to connect two points on Earth based on their geographic characteristics? And more specifically, on their height differences? This machine-instrument seeks to create imaginary topographies through the height difference of two places on the planet based on digitally collected data. In other words, the project is a method and a subsequent representation that metaphorically connects two points on the planet by means of environment-related data.


Technical support: Antonio Hofmeister Ribeiro

Marcela Antipan Olate

Designer and artist interested in technology as expressive media based in Bremen. One of her main interests is the critical reflection on designed objects, the way they configure reality and produce knowledge. Marcela Antipan Olate’s work translates into physical objects, software, research, visual pieces and program-driven poetry.