Meowtaverse / Yiwen Wu (CN), Taotao Zhou (CN), Photo: Taotao Zhou


Yiwen Wu (CN), Taotao Zhou (CN)

Your Virtual Feline Assistant in Augmented Reality

Through the use of image tracking technology on mobile devices and chatGPT, our captivating AR cats artfully blend technology and creativity. Exploring genuine emotional companionship a voice-activated multifunctional support pet helps you navigate life. When equipped on a wristwatch, you will find it impossible to resist their allure.

Yiwen Wu (CN)

Yiwen Wu, PhD Student at the School of Computer Science, ShanghaiTech. He has been engaged in the study of artificial intelligence for two years, committed to transferring the ideas of artificial intelligence to artworks. Regularly, animals are the subject of his works. In today’s ever-expanding computing world, the digitization of animals may not be out of reach. Therefore, he has been thinking about how to give a soul to the creation, an eternal proposition of artificial intelligence.

Taotao Zhou (CN)

Taotao Zhou, a computer science student from Shanghai Tech, delves into the realm of artificial intelligence and channels her insights into the creation of artworks, predominantly featuring animals as subjects.