NADA / Guillermo Rodríguez Tenorio (ES), Olga Albillos Castillo (ES)


Guillermo Rodríguez Tenorio (ES), Olga Albillos Castillo (ES)

In this work, AI perceives the void and confronts the absence of a reference model. In the encapsulated sculpture, AI’s ability to generate intangible interpretations without a reference database is represented. The smoke, symbol of nothingness and disappearance, resists being seen, aspiring to be a nothingness it cannot reach. This is meant to highlight the tension between the autonomy of AI and external influences, emphasizing the complexity of its properties, presenting ethical implications.

Olga Albillos Castillo (ES)

Olga Albillos is an artist immersed in an interactive discourse. Her research delves into the creation of spaces for the participation of the viewer by using digital devices.

Guillermo Rodríguez Tenorio (ES)

Guille Rodriguez is an artist interested in the study of the relationship between the spiritual and the virtual. Together they work on atmospheric and subtle installations.