Noctam.jpg / Ilay Skutelsky (IL), Photo: Ilay Skutelsky


Ilay Skutelsky (IL)

As the moon gets fuller and brighter, more data is introduced to the image, and the source code grows, creating a tide of data that rises and falls with the moon’s cycle.

While the loop plays, its source code is being changed byte by byte. This creates a glitch, an error in the data that alters the image. Randomly, a change will remain, changing the value of this byte for all the next frames too.

This creates a glitched lunar cycle, with mutations in its DNA, which keeps altering and evolving.

Ilay Skutelsky (IL)

Ilay Skutelsky is a new media artist based in Jerusalem. Ilay studied in Musrara, the Naggar School of Art and Society, in the New Media Art Dept. Ilay’s body of work is composed of net art, performance, video art and more. His works uncover fractures and create tensions between opposing narratives, human and technology, audience and art.