Veiled Portal of Lost Future / Haiqi Gong (CN), Kuan Sheng (CN), Photo: Haiqi Gong

Veiled Portal of Lost Future

Haiqi Gong (CN), Kuan Sheng (CN)

Within the door, where virtual and real intertwine, we search for connections between worlds and reality. A half-open door, like a whispered invitation, announces unique, different worlds beyond. Put on the HoloLens, I kindly ask; open the door, and take on the task. Speak with the creators within all time and space and explore the misplaced worlds.

Haiqi Gong (CN)

Haiqi Gong is an undergraduate student at the School of Creative Arts, ShanghaiTech University, majoring in Industrial Design with a focus on Smart Design. With a unique combination of technical and design skills, he aims to bring a fresh perspective to the fields of interaction design and user experience design. By leveraging his interdisciplinary expertise, he seeks to provoke innovative and unconventional thinking in the realm of design.

Kuan Sheng (CN)

Kuan Sheng is currently working toward the bachelor of science degree in computer science at ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai, China. He is an incredibly ordinary individual, with interests as vast as his knowledge is absent. His hobbies include AIGC, machine learning, human-computer interaction and neuroscience.