Photo: Fabian Mosele

reflection of a reflection of a reflection

Fabian Mosele (IT)

a synthographic motion picture

Inspired by the 2013 blog post “I, We, Waluigi: a Post-Modern analysis of Waluigi” by Franck Ribery, the film reflects on what it means to exist only in reference to others. ⅄, just like generative machine learning models, bears no relation to reality whatsoever.

The film was created through a novel technique mixing Stable Diffusion, 3D animation and ethically sourced datasets. The fine-tuned models, original frames and all parameters + prompts have been open-sourced on its website.

Fabian Mosele

Animator and synthographer, Fabian explores the intersection between generative machine learning and storytelling through animation, parody and the remix of internet phenomena. Originally from South Tyrol, Fabian is currently based in Bremen.