Scanpoticon / Andi Mazreku (XK), Emilia Vivian Gentis (DE), Photo: Andi Mazreku, Emilia Vivian Gentis


Andi Mazreku (XK), Emilia Vivian Gentis (DE)

Scanopticon was created within the main project Augmented Reality—how can we decolonize the digital sphere?

Surveillance capitalism manipulates self-identity, limits data control, raises technology’s impact on self-identity and exemplifies the panopticon’s hypervigilance.

Augmented reality overlays digital information onto the physical world. The physical and virtual realm mesh into one.

Andi Mazreku (XK)

Andi Mazreku is a 23-year-old communication design student at HTW Berlin. On his journey of artistic discovery, he embraces creative exploration and experimentation through diverse mediums and social themes offered by his studies.

Emilia Vivian Gentis (DE)

Emilia Gentis is a 22-year-old communication design student from HTW in her fourth semester. With each project, Emilia approaches the design process with an open mind, embracing experimentation and pushing boundaries. As Emilia progresses through her studies, she looks forward to exploring new mediums, techniques and interdisciplinary approaches to expand her creative repertoire.