Slow Track / Timothy Thomasson (CA), Photo:

Slow Track

Timothy Thomasson (CA)

With the intention of questioning the structural and aesthetic nature of the virtual image, Slow Track forgoes the excess, speed, spectacle, surrealism, sci-fi, and fantasy commonly associated with computer-generated imagery. The work deploys a ‘perceptually photorealistic’, slow, gentle, and possibly mundane image which is wary of the software that produces it. Rather than a computer-generated image that seduces us with spectacle, this is one which asks for patience.

Timothy Thomasson

Timothy Thomasson utilizes computer animation and real-time technologies to create generative environments and systems. His work questions the ways moving images, particularly computer-generated images, are produced and consumed within historic and contemporary contexts. He is a Hexagram Network masters’ student member at Concordia University.