Swirling Senses / Guillaume Pascale (FR) + Alice Jarry (CA), Marie-Pier Boucher (CA) + Juliette Lusven (FR) + Brice Ammar-Khodja (FR), Photo: vog.photo

Swirling Senses

Thomas Tucker (US), Tohm Judson (US)

The Swirling Senses Project creates an immersive experience bridging the digital and physical worlds. By integrating VR with theatrical sets, soundscapes, scents and puppetry, the environment manipulates our senses to foster a heightened sense of reality. In this exploration, we strive to uncover new possibilities, pushing the limits of VR while activating the full spectrum of our imagination.

Thomas Tucker (US)

Thomas Tucker received his BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and his MFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he was a Joan Mitchell MFA grant recipient. He has been evolving complex drawings into animation/kinetic sculptural pieces using 3D software and sound design for over a decade.

Tohm Judson (US)

Tohm Judson is a software engineer, composer, and multimedia artist currently residing in Seattle. Judson’s art focuses on the extension of singular moments, both real and created, that are often forgotten.