Synthetic Beasts Unleashed / Roger Ng Wei Lun (MY), Muhammad Raihan Bin Ismail (SG), Photo: Roger Ng, Muhammad Raihan

Synthetic Beasts Unleashed

Roger Ng Wei Lun (MY), Muhammad Raihan Bin Ismail (SG)

A Transgressive Shadow Play

Through the integration of artificial intelligence into traditional shadow puppetry, Synthetic Beasts Unleashed speculates a future where bio-engineering has birthed unprecedented life forms. Immersing viewers into an artificial nature devoid of its original essence, this installation confronts humanity’s audacious ability to manipulate nature and play the role of a divine creator. The artists compellingly prompt us to reassess our intricate connections with the ecosystems that sustain us.

Roger Ng Wei Lun (MY)

Roger Ng Wei Lun is a design student specializing in Interactive Media and Product Design. His artistic endeavors delve into the convergence of design, art, culture, and technology. By harnessing creative technologies and employing design as a thinking tool, he hopes to craft meaningful experiences that blend the realms of physical and digital.

Muhammad Raihan Bin Ismail (SG)

Raihan Ismail is a design student who distils complex concepts into their most essential elements. Inspired by endless inspiration in his surroundings, he converges visual aesthetics and technical ingenuity to evoke emotions and tell unique stories. He delves into the beauty that lies at the intersection of simplicity, technology and visual language.