• we cascade

    we cascade

    Johanna Bruckner (AT), Tina Frank (AT), Claudia Rohrmoser (AT), Dagmar Schürrer (AT), Audio-Mix: Karin Fisslthaler (AT)

    Four artists collectively explore the origins of ideas and respond to each other’s work with human algorithms. The vertical projection format is reminiscent of social media, ideas flowing in a cascading mix of expressions, reactions and mash-ups.

  • At the Pigeon Loft

    At the Pigeon Loft

    Ruth Größwang (AT), Susanna Melem (AT), Severin Standhartinger (AT)

    Where there is a city, there are city pigeons. And where there are city pigeons, there is also resistance. (Fahim Amir, freely quoted after Michel Foucault) The performance moves in the tension field between urbanity, human and animal, olive branch and fecal bomb.

  • Essay on Symmetry

    Essay on Symmetry

    Hubert Lobnig (AT), Moritz Matschke (DE)

    The symmetrical arrangement of the bridgehead buildings at Linz’s main square, and the mirror-image equality of the two façades, are the starting point for a site-specific intervention reflecting on the preference of totalitarian systems for simple forms of symmetry.