For Art Lovers Exhibitions

  • Geo-Llum


    Samira Benini Allaouat (IT)

    Geo-Llum aims to reimagine the role of public lighting in green urban areas with a symbiotic relationship between the artificial and the natural world, focusing on a deeper understanding of microorganism community such as fundamental collaborators in the city ecosystem.

  • Broken Spectre

    Broken Spectre

    Richard Mosse (IE)

    Broken Spectre is a disquieting portrait of willful environmental catastrophe along the Trans-Amazonian Highway told through a kaleidoscope of scientific, cultural, historic, socio-political, activist, and anthropological filters.

  • Cosmic Land

    Cosmic Land

    Kira Xonorika (PY)

    This project explores futurism through centering multidimensional ecologies in conjunction with trans and Indigenous epistemologies. It aims to resist the homogenizing tendencies of AI systems and cultural amalgamation perpetuated through colonialism by constellating multimodality and magic.

  • Jowhar


    Mahsa Aleph (IR)

    I am the aggregate of all words spoken to me. Ibn ʿArabi The word “jowhar” has several meanings in the Persian language: ink, essence, gem, nucleus, origin. The sentence on the paper scrolls is taken from a note in my notebook written in 2013. Translation: Future is merely a part of the past which has…

  • Where is a place for me to sleep in peace?

    Where is a place for me to sleep in peace?

    Ma Ei (MM)

    The recent coup in our country has caused significant disruption to our democracy, leaving many citizens in distress. Our situation is dire and we cannot achieve a peaceful resolution alone. I do not dare to expect basic human rights and equality from the world where there is not a single place to sleep peacefully at…

  • Epicentrum


    Taipei National University of the Arts (TW)

    When we look at our planet from the geological perspective of the Anthropocene, we see it as an ecosystem shaped by human activity, in which the layers of existence are closely interconnected and subject to vibrations. Epicentrum, an exhibition of electronics, reveals how organic and inorganic matter are interwoven and set in motion.

  • El cuarto del artista en Bahareque

    El cuarto del artista en Bahareque

    Rosemberg Sandoval (CO)

    The artist’s room in Bahareque is a metaphorical recreation of the artist’s private space, which represents his own creative universe, but most importantly, it is a processual homage to Colombia’s intricate economical and racial fabric and its diverse underlying socio-historical problems.

  • Spot On MozART

    Spot On MozART

    Mozarteum University (AT)

    What do you see when you’re listening? Spot on MozART is an inter-university, interdisciplinary project devoted to visual research into how we listen, and thus to a (new) understanding of the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the 21st century.

  • Vibrant Self

    Vibrant Self

    Alba Triana (CO)

    Vibrant Self examines the link between nature’s fundamental structure and the individuals’ environment, sociocultural context and personal construct, manifested as mood, action, meaning, agenda and ideology. Interacting visitors listen to a sound archive inducing reactions captured by a BCI. This data is transformed into soundwaves that visually unveil their brainwaves and muscular responses using a…



    Dorota Gawęda (PL/CH), Eglė Kulbokaitė (LT/CH)

    BROOD (The Second Body) hopes to trace possibilities of being both—self and other, dispersed and situated seeking to trace the self that is also a brood, looking to find moments when identities blend; the body proves to be not a boundary to be contained but porous, with its leaks and spills connecting to the world.