Lehrer*innenfortbildung: NAVIGATING THE FUTURE

Lehrer*innenfortbildungen der PH Diƶzese Linz im Ars Electronica Center 2021/2022

Insights into the Ars Electronica Center, the School of the Future

Tuesday, 12. July 2022
From 10am to 3pm
Managed by: Alina Sauter
Target audience: everybody
Registration at PH-online of the PH-Linz

The Ars Electronica Center sees itself as a compass and companion in the here and now. Our technologized everyday lives present us humans with new challenges. Dealing with the digital developments of the 21st century requires new skills and new ways of thinking. “Compass – Navigating the Future” is the guiding idea, and the claim, of the exhibitions at the Ars Electronica Center.

Opportunities for experimentation, hands-on experience and direct applications make abstract topics comprehensible and negotiable. For us, experiential knowledge and facilitating discussion are the cornerstones of learning. As an extracurricular
the Ars Electronica Center, with its new areas, has many offerings for school groups.
for school groups. Become familiar with our exciting topics, which range from
artificial intelligence and neuro-bionics, autonomous systems and robotics, to genetic and
biotechnology to the far-reaching global changes of our time.
of our time. And learn about the spatial and technical infrastructure and the resulting
emerging opportunities for your students.