Photo: UNDP Accelerator Lab

Prize Categories

The European Union Prize for Citizen Science is awarded once a year and includes a Grand Prize, two Category Awards and 27 Honorary Mentions.

European Union Prize for Citizen Science – Grand Prize

Prize Value€ 60.000 
Awarded1 award each year (2023-2025)

The European Union Prize for Citizen Science Grand Prize recognizes outstanding achievements in the advancement of knowledge through the empowerment of civil society and citizens in the development of the future. The Grand Prize is not limited to specific topics or themes. The Prize will be awarded to the most outstanding initiative according to the award criteria

Diversity & Collaboration Award

Prize Value€ 20.000 
Awarded1 award each year (2023-2025)

The Diversity & Collaboration Award focuses on initiatives with explorative collaboration models that actively engage a diverse range of stakeholders and scientific agendas. Awarded initiatives will demonstrate a specific excellence in cultural diversity, gender diversity, stakeholder engagement, and social inclusivity, such as e.g.: 

  • Promoting intercultural dialogue through science activities; 
  • Increasing equity to science learning through STEAM or transdisciplinary approaches; 
  • Demonstrating novel approaches to science engagement that actively engage local communities. 

Digital Communities Award 

Prize Value€ 20.000 
Awarded1 award each year (2023-2025)

The Digital Communities Award focuses on the wide-ranging field of scientific, artistic and social initiatives within Citizen Science that aim to deliver social benefits, create and support communities, and foster an open and inclusive civil society through the innovative or alternative use of digital technologies.

Awarded initiatives will be outstanding grassroots, emerging, and community initiatives that utilize digital technologies for the implementation of the work itself or the community engagement. Initiatives that serve as role-models and sources of inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment to set the science agenda from and within the community they engage are specifically targeted for this award and should push the boundaries between civil society, citizens and science. Focus will be placed on such communities working on digital transformation topics increasing citizens’ ability to engage with change processes or advancing the field of Citizen Science through digital technologies.   

Honorary Mentions 

Prize Value€ 0 
Awarded27 Honorary Mentions each year (2023-2025)

The selection of Honorary Mentions is not shaped by thematic considerations, but will consist of outstanding initiatives from all fields and directions of Citizen Science. Beyond the quality assessment of applications, the selection of Honorary Mentions will also consider the geographical diversity as well as the diversity of contexts and research fields represented by the selected initiatives.