Roots and Seeds XXI: Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance

The sustainability discourse has mainly taken place in natural sciences and technology, with recent contributions from the social and political sciences. However, our individual and collective actions have fallen behind and the actual environmental problems intensified. Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance advocates for a more sustainable future and aims to foster habits to take better care of our environment, specifically plants. For this purpose, the project will promote sustainability through actions and commitments that stem from both artistic and scientific practices. Over the course of two years, the project’s activities will allow the transnational circulation of professionals in these fields, will fund the production of artworks and will develop research focused on the biodiversity crisis.

Some of our programmed activities are: Talks: Laser events (Paris), International Forum (Barcelona), Workshop on Botany and Literature (Barcelona), Multidisciplinary Garden Cartographies (Barcelona, Paris and Linz), Open Call for Artworks’ production and artistic residence in Paris, final Exhibition (Linz), among many others. Roots & Seeds XXI is an international cooperation project between Quo Artis (ES), Leonardo/Olats (FR), University of Barcelona (ES) and Ars Electronica (AT). Developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


  • To address the need for common tools and approaches in the intersection of Art & Science to generate common spaces for artists, curators, scientists and social agents.
  • To stimulate transnational cooperation building bridges of communication between the different areas of technical, scientific, social, artistic and transcultural knowledge.
  • To explore co-creation and transversal approach as a methodology to stimulate artistic research, cultural and transnational production of artworks.
  • To study how can artistic practices contribute to raising awareness on the societal challenges and better understanding of the current biodiversity crisis.
  • To promote transnational mobility of artists, experts and international circulation of artworks making Art & Science accessible to wider audiences.
  • To boost visibility for Art & Science practices creating synergies with EU initiatives in the field of biodiversity.

For more information, please contact the Roots & Seeds project manager at Ars Electronica: Anna Grubauer via

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