EXCHANGE program

Hiroshima Animation Season (JP) x Ars Elextronica (AT)

The Hiroshima Animation Season and Ars Electronica have jointly launched the „EXCHANGE“ program to create future education through art for the next generation. What is „EXCHANGE“ that stimulates participants‘ curiosity and encourages spontaneous and active exploration? Aiming to bring together and inspire people with similarities but different backgrounds, EXCHANGE-High School and EXCHANGE-Creating City through Culture were organized.

In the EXCHANGE-High school, students from BORG Bad Leonfelden (Austria) and students from Hiroshima Municipal Motomachi Senior High School (Japan) exchanged ideas online. As a result, the students became more motivated to learn English, learned more about their counterparts‘ countries, cultures, and educational systems.

EXCHANGE – Creating City through Culture featured a talk from Austria about the Ars Electronica ecosystem in the city of Linz, and projects introduction talks by young entrepreneurs who are actually involved in city development projects in Hiroshima. Detailed and lively discussions were held on for example, how to promote cooperation between the public and private sectors.