KI Festival Heilbronn X Ars Electronica

Interact with AI through an arcade game, a workshop and a rapid-response-presentation

Ars Electronica Festival Participation
Festival Dates: 29.- 30. June 2024
Festival Venue: Im Zukunftspark, Wohlgelegen, 74076 Heilbronn

Join us at the KI Festival, hosted by 42 Heilbronn on June 29th and 30th in Heilbronn, Germany. Experience two days of exploration and fun with AI at our block party-style event. Discover stands, vendors, workshops, and exhibitors showcasing the latest in AI technology.

This year, Ars Electronica is thrilled to be part of this adventure through featuring artist Sebastian Schmieg’s Prompt Battle Training Station and workshops led by Sabine Leidlmeier and Thomas Viehböck. Plus, Laura Welzenbach from Ars Electronica Export will share the insights of an ArtScience project involving AI in healthcare. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to engage with AI in a playful and informative setting!

Ars Electronica Participants

Sebastian Schmieg

Arcade Game: Prompt Battle Training Station

Prompts are clearly formulated instructions or questions that are used to generate specific reactions or responses from an AI program. Here, at the Prompt Battle Training Station visitors can practice their prompting skills.

Inspired by the rap battle format, people compete against each other live in a prompt battle using language. Image descriptions, known as prompts, are typed into AI-supported text-to-image software, which then generates photos, images and illustrations. Visitors can train their skills for this show format at the Prompt Battle Training Station. They are also invited to reflect on the possible consequences of the rapidly advancing development of such AI systems.

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Sabine Leidlmair and Thomas Viehböck

Workshop Future Impulses: Artificial Intelligence

This interactive workshop provides an understanding of the basics of Artificial Intelligence and a playful insight into current creative applications.

Whether in personalized marketing activities, traffic analysis, medical diagnosis or self-driving vehicles. Artificial intelligence is already part of our everyday lives, impacting everything from various aspects of our economy to our social interaction. Artificial intelligence is even already being used to create works of art. But what exactly is behind it?

Come and join us in Heilbronn to find out these answers.

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Laura Welzenbach

Rapid-Response-Presentation: „A doctor, an artist, an ECG and an AI walk into a hospital …“

What sounds like the beginning of a joke is actually the beginning of an ArtScience project that engaging the general public with AI and Health Care directly in a hospital.

In only 5 minutes Laura will tell us more about this project from 2023 at the Elisabethinen Hospital in Linz.

Find out more about the project: artscience-residency-2023


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