Prix Ars Electronica Selection: Space of Imagination

Matsudo International Science Art Festival, Matsudo, Japan
20th – 21st October 2018

The Space of Imagination exhibition presents selected, award-winning projects of the Prix Ars Electronica during the Matsudo International Science Art Festival in Japan. Bug’s Beat by Dorita Takido and Yumi Sasaki is a project that amplifies the sound of steps made by the countless small insects among us, and thus aims to create an awareness of the blossoming micro-world around us. Orbit from Quadrature goes another way and leads us to the macro level of space and beyond human perception. The positions and traces of unknown artifacts revolving around the Earth are visualized here in real time. Flower of Time, developed by the Ars Electronica Futurelab, is a participative workshop that engages us in ideas of time. The workshop installation reveals the elastic nature of time and asks us to reflect upon ideas of our own “sense of time”.