Hands for the Future

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Hands for the Future is a participatory media installation that serves as a call to action for the various deep issues that humanity needs to address immediately.
The world is now facing a pandemic and its cascading changes. How can we transform the conventional framework, that has become fatigued, into a better social system? Where will people live in the 21st century, and how will they cope with limited resources and environmental crises?

At the entrance to the Ars Electronica Center, a media wall made up of 2,000 E-ink displays slowly displays the things we need to act on now. If you look closely at the words, you will notice that the messages were created by combining hand scans. As visitors raise their hands to take action in the installation, their hands will be captured and become part of the larger message.
Hands for the Future will continue to ask us what actions we should take as responsible citizens.

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