Cyntha Wieringa

Researcher & Artist

Credit: Denise Hirtenfelder, Raphael Schaumburg-Lippe

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

by Dr. Emmet “Doc” Brown, Back to the Future II (1989)


Cyntha, originally from the Netherlands, feels right at home at the Futurelab. Whilst majoring in Artificial Intelligence during her BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Groningen, she quickly came to the realization that she wanted to work with technology instead of in technology. That is why her MA in Science-Technology-Society (STS) at the University of Vienna was the perfect fit. The masters, which is rooted in the social sciences, teaches about the constant co-creation between science, technology, and society, which are themes that connect seamlessly to those present within Ars Electronica. Art, like science and technology, is interactive, combinatory, open-ended, partly predetermined and always evolving. Which is why working on the interface of these three domains, where these different qualities come together and innovate is exactly the kind of challenge she is looking forward to.

Additional Information


Wieringa, C. (2021). Can Computers be Non-Binary? Studying the role of gender in the four research areas of VRVis Vienna. (Master Thesis, University of Vienna)