Creative Questions Challenge

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The Creative Question Challenge (CQC) brings together two speakers from different disciplines and backgrounds to brainstorm creative questions in a 30-minute dialog. In the uncertain world that we live in today, it is crucial to discuss the essential questions for the future rather than easy solutions to problems.

The talk can be live-streamed to encourage audience participation both online and onsite. The Art Electronica Center infrastructure and the Ars Electronica Home Delivery Channel can also be utilized for the event.

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Credit: Ars Electronica / Birgit Cakir

Target audience

This online program is suitable for events of private sector companies as well as public or cultural institutions. The program is a new talk format in which speakers and the audience explore and develop creative questions.

Duration 90 minutes
Format A new talk format in which speakers and audience explore creative questions and ideas in a 30-minute dialog based on Art Thinking. Manuals, pre-designed kits, and Art Electronica Center infrastructure are available. The talk can be provided as a public streaming event or a closed session.
Language English or German
Number of Participants Depending on the size of event.
Fee Upon request

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Creative Questions Challenges at the Ars Electronica Festival