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What will the future hold for us? How are fields of expertise and business models changing? Which challenges will you face in the next decades within your specific industry? We take you on a journey into the future – a guided tour with the brightest minds in our field, who are working, researching and exploring to fabricate our tomorrow today.

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The power of individual technology groups and their exclusive role in shaping the future is increasingly subject to criticism. We are called upon to critically question and actively participate, instead of remaining passive victims of digital change. People and companies show how, by thinking against all rules, new paths can be taken outside the comfort zone. With great sensitivity and keen intuition, artists have been accompanying, analyzing, criticizing and driving the Digital Revolution forward for decades and they hold a critical role in advancing, reflecting and commenting the Digital Transformation of our society. With their critical thinking, with highly being skilled in playing the instruments, in utilizing the technology around us, they are acting beyond wagging the finger and being critical but support us as an entire society in solving the complex problems we are currently facing – problems caused by us and the inventions we set into this world.

We will take you on a journey, a guided tour to those forward thinkers and focus on topics that concern us all but allow us to reflect on our decisions and actions we need to take.

Each guided tour will be 2 hours long and available for a limited number of 30 participants. Custom made Get.Inspired Journeys can be created upon request, that focus on specific topic relevant for your business or institution.

Following journeys can be booked:

  • The Future of Work: Connected to our newly opened exhibition in the Ars Electronica Center, we will explore how digital transformation changes our working environment, how cooperate work between humans and machines can be created, what are the tools of the future and above all, what do we need to do in order to humanize technology?
  • STARTS – Innovation at the Nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS: Get to know how an alliance between technology and artistic practice can nurture innovation. The focus is on projects that contribute to mastering the social, ecological and economic challenge our planet faces. The presented protagonists and project are best practice examples and have been recognized within the STARTS Prize.
  • Women in art, science and technology: It is the 21st century, we have lived 20 years in it. How come that gender equality still is not something that just exists but has to be emphasized over and over again? Women in art, science and technology. Such communities are formed in various places, providing a wide range of encouragement and support to their members. What particular issues are considered the most important? Are they similar for women coming from different backgrounds, and how specific are they depending on geographical location?
  • AI x Humanity: How is AI impacting our humanity, impacted by our humanity, and what does it all mean for the future? Focusing on these aspects you will be introduced to protagonists that focus their work on the scientific, technological aspects but also on legal, cultural, educational and ethical dimensions of Artificial Intelligence. We will introduce a holistic model with considerations on human values and elementary questions on what AI should or should not do as well as how and by whom AI systems are developed, deployed, used and monitored.
Target Audience Institutions and Professionals with an interest in culture at the crossing to innovation, technology, science and society
Duration Each Get.Inspired Journey is 2h long
Format Online guided tour
Language English, German or Japanese
Number of Participants Max. 30 participants
Fee Upon request